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Tristan is passionate about sustainable development, poverty alleviation, social capital and organisational culture, and wellbeing. His background is in geographical and environmental sciences but for over 20 years his interest in social processes has driven his work, particularly his work on social capital. Tristan has diverse experience, having been a university lecturer for 10 years, started several businesses, run an environmental newspaper, been a software developer, organised events, given conference and public presentations, conducted research, and provided consulting and training services to organisations and governments in numerous countries.

Tristan’s biggest passion is the concept of social capital, which he believes can draw attention to the importance of social and cultural processes and can be used to help transform organisations into productive places people want to work. He believes an understanding of social capital can help to make any organisation, project, or program more effective, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.

Tristan has developed extensive resources on social capital that are widely and freely available. These resources are accessed by approximately 30,000 people per month, and he volunteers a great deal of time to helping people and organisations to understand and use social capital and related concepts. Tristan has established a social capital research group with over 1,000 members from over 130 countries and he facilitates regular webinars by leading scholars and practitioners.

Tristan’s work is driven by the desire to help people, organisations, and communities with a strong focus on the principles of sustainable development.


Consulting and advisory in social capital, organisational culture, and environmental matters related to projects, interventions, and operations.


Training, coaching, and mentoring in a variety of settings from one-on-one to small groups and online training course development and operation.


10 years university lecturing in environmental science, sustainability, geography, GIS, and planning. Creating new courses, coordination, lecturing, tutoring.


Research design, implementation, and dissemination in different setting including university and private industry research projects on social and environmental topics.


Business planning and management including establishing a range of businesses from identifying innovative opportunities. Ongoing operation and management.

My History

May 2022

Launched ISCA and rebranded Social Capital Research & Training

The new international association was officially launched and my existing business that supported the informal group was rebranded to the Institute for Social Capital to avoid any confusion between the new association and my ongoing consulting and training business.

Dec 2021

Established the International Social Capital Association

The informal social capital research group was formalized to form the new International Social Capital Association (ISCA). I was elected the first President of the association.

Mar 2021

Established Social Capital Committee

With increasing interest in the Facebook group and the webinar series we established a committee to help organise group activities.

Apr 2020

Started Webinar Series on Social Capital

When the COVID-19 pandemic started I was aware that many researchers may be isolated so offered a series of free Q&A sessions on social capital. This quickly turned into a regular webinar series with presentations by invited speakers.

Jun 2018

Presentations on Social Capital

With increasing recognition of my work on social capital I have been asked to give presentations to various groups, organisations, and conferences.

Jan 2017

Created Resources on Social Capital

In 2017 I re-engaged with the literature on social capital with the goal of creating more resources for people who use the concept in research and practical applications. This work has continued to this day.

Aug 2015

Established the Social Capital Facebook Group

Responding to the growing interest in social capital and the number of questions I was receiving by email I established a Facebook group to encourage collaboration and cooperation between people interested in the concept.

Jan 2013

Consulting on Social Capital

I increasingly was asked to help organisations with social capital related projects and started to provide consulting and training services.

July 2012

Established Eviport

From my event management work I developed a business plan for a new business to live stream events and started this business with fellow event professionals. My role included business planning, capital raising, and the development of a live streaming portal.

July 2009

Public presentations

I regularly presented at public events and conferences on topics related to environmental management and sustainability including at World Environment Day festivals and Youth Environment Conferences.

Feb 2007

Completed Foundations of University Research

I completed a program run by the University of the Sunshine Coast that provided a background on higher education research and practical skills in research planning, funding, and execution within the university environment.

Sept 2006

Established Bamboo Fabric Store

I started and managed an import and online sales business for wholesale natural fibres, primarily bamboo fabric. After building a successful business it was sold in 2007.

Feb 2006

Completed Foundations of University Teaching

I completed a program on the foundations of university teaching provided by the University of the Sunshine Coast which focused on improving teaching practice and the scholarship of teaching.

Dec 2005

Founded Social Capital Research

Following the online publication of my work on social capital I have assisted in research planning for people all around the world who are working on social capital research. My online publications on social capital and related concepts receives 250,000+ visits per year and continues to be a highly regarded resource on social capital theory.

April 2005

Completed Certificate IV in Business

I completed a certificate IV in business (small business management) with a focus on business planning and management.

Dec 2004

Established Decompression Web Development Studio

As director and principal web developer for my company Decompression (2004 to 2017) which became Claridge Media (2017 to current) I have developed a wide range of projects from ecommerce websites to asset management systems, at times managing a large team of developers and designers.

Sept 2004

University Sessional Lecturer

For 10 years between 2004 and 2014 I taught in a variety of roles at the University of the Sunshine Coast in subject areas such as environmental science, planning, sustainability, ethics, and cultural studies.

June 2004

Graduated Master of Natural Resource Studies – University of Queensland

Graduated masters degree with major research project on the role of social capital in natural resource management. Coursework included environmental management and planning, social impact assessment and social planning for development.

Jan 2003

Event Organiser

During my undergraduate and postgraduate studies I worked in event management roles for the university and private companies. Events included conferences, training courses, and product launches.

June 2002

Graduated Bachelor of Arts – University of Queensland

Graduated bachelors degree with a double major in Geographical Sciences with a strong focus on physical geography and human geography, including biogeography, climatology, hydrology, GIS, remote sensing, environmental management and planning.

November 1995

Graduated High School

I graduated high school in 1995 and then spent a few years working in event management and training programs before completing my bachelors degree.

Other Interests and Work

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I enjoy helping people and I love to see people improving their skills. I have coached people in business and research, and in sports such as snooker and touch football.

volunteer, poster, illustrator-1888823.jpg


I have strong environmental values and I like to volunteer my time or services when I can. I have assisted many community groups over the past 20 years and it continues to be an important part of life.

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Cycling & Fitness

I like to get out on my bike and explore the local area and it’s a great way to keep fit. I race sometimes but mostly I enjoy social rides on weekends with friends. I generally ride several times a week all year round.


My family is a very important part of my life and working from home has given me lots of time with my family. I am married with two high school age children: Charlie and Asha.

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