About Tristan Claridge

I have a passion for technology, innovation and teaching. I am an academic and entrepreneur and I use my cross-discipline knowledge and experience to solve problems and identify opportunities. I am a lecturer, tutor, facilitator, programmer, and manager. I have qualifications in environmental science, social theory, teaching and research, and business management. I have scoped, planned, raised capital and established several businesses, and been involved in their ongoing management and development. My work is varied and I am happiest when I am developing ideas, collaborating, and solving problems.

[one_fourth][icon_box title=”Teaching & Research” icon=”fa fa-user” animation=”bounceIn” delay=”0″]10 years university lecturing in environmental science, sustainability, geography, GIS, and planning. Creating new courses, coordination, lecturing, tutoring.[/icon_box][/one_fourth]

[one_fourth][icon_box title=”Business” icon=”fa fa-cog” animation=”bounceIn” delay=”500″]Business planning and management including establishing a range of businesses from identifying innovative opportunities. Ongoing operation and management.[/icon_box][/one_fourth]

[one_fourth][icon_box title=”Programming” icon=”fa fa-code” animation=”bounceIn” delay=”1000″]Full stack development of innovative projects using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS. Including scoping, specification development, and management.[/icon_box][/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last][icon_box title=”Project Management” icon=”fa fa-tasks” animation=”bounceIn” delay=”1500″]Extensive project management in software development and research including team management, budgeting, forecasting and monitoring and evaluation.[/icon_box][/one_fourth_last]

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